I was raised in the small town of Jennings, Louisiana on a dairy farm and have milked cows and goats all of my life. My wife, Carol, and son, Dusty, play a big part in keeping this business going. My son is actually my partner and Carol takes care of the books, shipping, and helps out in the shop when she can.
                                           We have sold over 4000 milkers.
We started this business over 25 years ago with the goal of designing a milking machine that would make milking more enjoyable. Like most people we have to manage our time and get every hour out of every day. The answer for us was to develop a milking machine that would do the job and could be cleaned up in far less time than it took us to hand milk. After working with what we knew and adding the experience of other dairy people, we developed a system that could milk the average cow in 4-5 minutes and could be cleaned up in about 5 minutes. Over the years we have made improvements to our milkers and now we believe we have a system that will meet the needs of anyone wanting to milk their animals.

Our systems have been copied, but I have yet to see a complete copy of our system. There is a big difference. It is all about the components we use. I will never sacrifice quality to try and under-price a competitor. I worry about some of the systems that I see on the market. From experience, I know they are a disaster waiting to happen. The big problem is in the vacuum pump. You just can't use any vacuum pump.It has to be a vacuum pump made to milk. That is why there are so many types of vacuum pumps out there.
 You can be assured that our milking machines are 100% safe and are made to last. I have customers that have purchase milkers from us in 1986, and they are still going strong.