​DP60HD Series

The DP60HD is our base economy model milker for the family that wants to save money and milk a few animals. We have made this model and have sold many units that are still in operation from almost 30 years ago. For many years, it was our number one seller. It can be setup to milk cows, sheep and goats or a combination cow/goat milker or a goat/sheep milker. It is a very good milker, but does not have the claw system of the DP120 or DP150 model. Comes with refurbished heavy duty vacuum pump and a refurbished surge bucket. These buckets are stainless steel and may have a few dings or nicks in them, but they will operate properly and give you many years of use. it will come with new hoses, new inflations, all new rubber, new milk tubes, and new fittings.
 (DP604HD)        $850 Set up for 2 goats  or one cow 
(DP604G)            $880 Set up to milk one sheep 
(DP604S)            $850 Set up to milk goats and cows simultaneously  
 (DP604)              $880 Set up to milk full size goats and mini goats    
 (DP604MR)        $910 Set up to milk 2 sheep          
(DP60SH)             $880 Set up for 1 mini goat  
(DP60M)               $910 Set up for 2 mini goats                     

DP60HD Series with complete vacuum pump