The milking bucket and everything that is part of the milking bucket is new. This is our heavy duty one-bucket model. This unit is a DeLaval style system with our refurbished heavy duty pump.  It is more heavy duty and easier to use than the DP60. It contains all of the modern components and the pulsation system is as good as it gets. The claw systems on this unit are superior or equal to any on the market. The cow unit comes with the DeLaval claw and the goat and sheep milkers comes with silicone inflations, clear shells, and auto valves. The pump is rebuilt. Our rebuilt pumps are in great shape and will perform as well as a new pump. 

Comes with New Bucket, New lid, New pulsator, All new milk hose, New claws, New inflations, New shells, All new rubber, New milk tubes, New gauges, New relief valve, all new fittings- Rebuilt pump.

Single cow or single goat setup with Stainless Bucket          $1325
Single cow or single goat setup with Plastic Bucket              $1315
Double goat setup with Plastic Bucket                                    $1425
Double goat setup with Stainless Bucket                                $1425