DP150 Series

This is our heaviest duty unit. We have decided to add it to our lineup for those wanting to milk 2 cows or 4 goats at one time. If you are looking for a super duty machine without going to a pipeline milking system, this is the one I recommend. It is quiet, very easy to use, and requires little maintenance Everything on this unit is new. This unit comes with a Conde #3 vacuum pump. In my opinion, this portable unit is the best on the market.
It comes with:
 •Heavy duty portable pump on cart with 10" wheels
•Conde #3 vacuum pump and 1HP farm duty motor
•Plugs into standard 110V/15amp outlet
•DeLaval stainless steel milking bucket
•Can use with up to 2 goat or 2 cow buckets
  Everything you need is included with this unit

This item cost more to ship, because of its weight and size. It has to be shipped by truck. The average shipping cost is $250. 

Single cow, 2 sheep or 2 goat setup with Stainless Bucket $2200
2 cow, 4 goat or 4 sheep setup (Comes with 2 stainless steel buckets) $2700  
  Our DP150