What type of maintenance do I need to do on my system?
Honestly, maintenance is low. KEEP THE SYSTEM CLEAN. Here are some good ideas?  

Elevate the pump if possible. It is impossible to keep small amounts of milk out of the vacuum line. Condensation will form a very small amount of moisture (about a tablespoon). Elevating your pump will keep the moisture out and keep the pump off the ground and out of the dirt. I have mine about 6 feet off the ground. I built a little shelf and it sits right next to where I milk. My pump is 22 years old and I have never had any trouble with it.  I put a good coat of car wax on my pump once in a while. This just helps keep the paint in good shape. 

I have heard that you can use a compressor and turn it around to make a milk pump. 
Very bad idea. Vacuum is so different from pressure. Most people understand and can reliably work on pressure pumps. The tools designed to operate on pressure can operate at a very wide range of pressure. You may be using a ratchet that is designed to operate at 60 pounds of pressure. It will do fine at 75 pounds of pressure and slow down, but work well at 45 pounds of pressure. It is designed to work that way. A cow or goat is not designed to work that way. They need stable, consistent vacuum. It is the fluctuations and the spikes and drops in vacuum that will get you in trouble. Yes, a pressure pump does create vacuum but it is not designed to create enough vacuum or hold or stabilize vacuum. If you have an air compressor, think of how it works. While you are using it, the compressor kicks in and fills the tank. The pressure will range from 0 to whatever you have it set on. Most of us have it set on 120. It kicks off when it gets to 120 and may start back up when the pressure gets down to 75 or so.  If you are using it, the pressure may drop to 0. That range of pressure is not stable. The modern day pump will not go very far from where it needs to be. It will not fluctuate very far from its milking vacuum. It can be opened up all the way and not be far from where it needs to be. 

I have a more extensive list of questions in my brochure. Please send me an email to mdperry123@hotmail.comand I will send you a copy. Many customers have found them to be very helpful.