We are a family owned business that can supply all of your milking needs. We have complete units starting at $975. We offer several different types of milkers for goats, sheep and cattle. Please see our products page, by clicking the link above, to see the models we have to offer. Milking machines are our business and we have been building and selling milking machines for more than 29 years. We have milkers in every State of the US and in 13 foreign countries.

If you are considering purchasing a milker, I have put together an informative brochure, which will answer a lot of questions. It also list our products and prices. I really believe it can be helpful.If you would like a copy of this brochure and price list, please send me an email and I will email you a copy.  It is a collection of over 40 years of our experiences in milking and building milkers and has good information for anyone thinking about getting a milker or presently milking animals by hand and thinking of getting a milking machine.

If you have any questions or if I can ever help in any way, please contact me.
Mike Perry
9079 Hwy 26
Jennings, LA  70546
  337-275-6816 or 337-370-0717
email: mdperry123@hotmail.com
             Phone 337-275-6816